Due to weather, we have moved this year’s Farm Girl Fair to

Sunday, October 21st, 11am – 5pm


arm Girl Fair was inspired by ladies who wanted to create a moment. Not a thing or a place but a space of time that could take people back to what we all imagine (or hope) life must have been like, somewhere in life’s seemingly distant past.”

Emily Schuermann with Food for a Year

s we walked through the gate I just had such a warm, full feeling in my heart! “I LOVE this place! I LOVE this event!”

Tiffany Niblett

nspired by your dream, ladies! Thank you for sharing this gift with CCFI and with all of us. It was a fun, good-feeling day…Farm Girl Fair day!”

Sarah Jackson

t was wonderful and the traffic was well worth the wait! Can’t wait until next year!”

Frances Lee